Something Random

Okay, so I’ve been working on making my blog pretty…and whatnot…and I know, with the topic and all that, it’s really just for me, but, hey, no one wants to be out in space all on their own, so I’d like to gain more people reading, all that jazz…so here’s my question:

Has anyone else just starting a blog felt REALLY intimidated by all the stuff out there? Promotion and designing and affiliating and sponsoring and following and following back and rss feeds and and and and and and and…I feel like I’m way in over my head.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.


9 thoughts on “Something Random

  1. i don’t like the stuff. its sorta why i stopped using my LJ even though my friend jen made it super pretty awesome for me… i have a blog spot now an dits simply black. because i like it so. the bright colours hurt my eyes anyway.

    point being my dear, the blog is for YOU. sure other people can read it, can comment on it… but it’s for YOU…you don’t have to worry about all that BS if you don’t want it. if you want it to be white with black letters, black with white letters..purple, green, aquamarine…you don’t have to allow comments, or whatever rss feeds are…. the ads i always found to be retarded but hey… if im using it for free let them pay for it you know? its yours hun. do what you will with it.

  2. I use blogspot as well. Come find me… I’ve got five billion different blogs. Okay, well not THAT many, but still, one for each business and my personal one :)

    I can create blog backgrounds if you need one, I just need the dimensions of the page and you’d have to wait till I have a free moment not being taken up by everything else (Which may not be till I’m 90 and on my deathbed).

  3. thanks, ladies ^_^

    I’m happy with the way it looks…I like simplicity and all. I’ve just been reading some other blogs, and there’s so much STUFF – buttons and awards and all that, and I’m like…wow, I feel tiny.

    which, if you’ve seen me lately, that’s a feat. >.>

    anywho…I added you to my blogroll, Meghan ^_^

  4. Hi, It’s Karajeanne from Decor-Voyeur, I got an e-mail about your comment from Little Hen House. I can’t find your e-mail on your blog to contact you. I wish I could help you with your grab box problem. Morgan was more than helpful to me ( it’s why she’s on the beatification list ) but ultimately I stopped using my wordpress account and stuck with my blogger, I didn’t have the same problem with Blogger. Morgan did have some tricks up her sleeve, maybe she can help you. As far as being overwhelmed, yes it is overwhelming, just blog for the original reasons you started, and as time goes on you’ll start to figure all of it out. It’s totally overwhelming at first, don’t try to figure it all out you’ll go nuts. I wanted to do everything right and drove myself crazy, now I just try to do this for the enjoyment and creative outlet, and don’t try to put too much pressure on myself. My blog isn’t growing as quickly as it would if I followed all the rules, or tips etc. but I’m not going so crazy anymore. I believe time is the true friend of the blogger, time and authenticity. God I hop I’m right! Best of luck to you.

  5. Karajeanne – thank you so much for your comment! (I also added a contacts page, thanks to you…I’d totally spaced! >.>)

    I’m hoping that she might get back to me soon, the grab box thing is irritating the daylights out of me.

    I appreciate the words of advice as well – I do have a tendency to try to do too much all at once, and that ends up being why I give up on stuff, because it becomes too much. But I want for this project to work – so I’m going to take those words to heart and just let it go on. Thank you!

  6. Yeah, you know, I mostly keep my blogs around for journaling purposes. I mean I have the business blogs (one for the photography and one for the photography props and graphic design) that are business and not personal, but even those have a touch of personal on them. That’s just who I am. So I’m not really into all the nick-knacks and advertising and money-making that is possible for blogs. What is most important is that I do it for me. Sure I am a comment whore and I LOVE getting comments, but even my friends don’t do the whole blogging thing as much any more… it’s all facebook and twitter. While I do facebook, and think it has done amazing things for my business, sometimes I just want to have a nice long rant or go into absurd detail about my fun day the zoo with my crazy husband and kids… and that, my dear, is why I go to my blog :) It just seems more real than FB. More in depth. More personal.

  7. Some genuinely interesting points you have written.Aided me a lot, just what I was looking for :D.

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