Because nothing is ever truly done on one’s own…

The Look: The background is a scrapbooking paper that I scaled down, from the My Girl kit by ^shelldevil at deviantArt. The header is a combination of the same paper, and elements and alphabet pieces from the All You Need Is Love kit by PersnicketyPrints. I created my button using the Relax kit, also by ^shelldevil. Fonts I used for the header and button are Estrya’s Handwriting and Western Princess, both by Jellyka Nerevan.

The Muse: Music is a huge thing for me. It can make me happy when I’m sad, it can shove me through an angry mood, it’s a catalyst when I’m writing and am hitting a block. Favorites are Alkaline Trio, 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI, The Offspring, Lifehouse, Jimmy Eat World, Muse, Taylor Swift, Music from Glee, Sugarcult, Rise Against, Newsboys, The Eagles, U2, The All-American Rejects, Indigo Girls, Plain White T’s, the Harry Potter 7 soundtrack, Blink 182, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Fall Out Boy, Dredg, New Found Glory, Foo Fighters, and so, so, SO many more. I’ll say this much – Pandora Radio is my FRIEND.

The Team: This may be changed or added to at random – it’s the people that are in my corner, pushing and helping. The ones that won’t let me quit. Big thanks to Alice, Crissy, the DC Girls Team [Beth, Courtney, Lisa, Rochelle, Tasha, and Trisha], Lindi, Meghan, Rory, and Samara. I love you, and couldn’t do a thing without you.


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