Adding to the Repertoire

After some recommendations by others, I’ve been looking at some more stuff to add – exercise-wise – to what I’m already doing with the WiiFit. Pretty much everything I’m looking at is meant to go with the Wii.

Some might ask – why are you looking to video games to lose weight? Why not go out and run, or go to a gym, or just do exercises on your own? Well…those are all legitimate questions. The first two options pretty much have the same answer: I’m self-conscious. I’m well aware of every-single-bit-of-my-body that wiggles and jiggles with every move I make, and I’d just as soon not go out in front of all the midriff-baring, perky-ponytail-bouncing, thin-as-rails girls and shirtless, six-pack-wearing, muscle-bound boys and show off my jello self. No, I do not think that it should serve as a punishment for letting myself get this way. All it’s going to do is depress me and make me lose hope. The second has another answer: I can’t afford it. I was not aware of the fact the gyms operate with freaking contracts that you can’t get out of – I could have swore that you could just cancel your membership. Well, not the gym I signed up with. When it came to realizing that we just couldn’t afford the membership, I tried canceling it, and then got told that we couldn’t. Great. Another hit on my already lousy credit. So that’s not an option. The last? I won’t. That’s the long and short of it. I’ll forget, I’ll be too convinced that I look silly, I’ll figure out better things to do. It just won’t happen.

So – I like playing video games. Why not combine that with something that can actually help me?

So…now that I’ve gotten long-winded with a post that really shouldn’t have been…here are the things I’ve been looking at:

EA Sports Active: My friend Meghan commented earlier that she’d gotten this after getting used to the WiiFit and that it’s been working wonders for her husband. I looked it up on Amazon – apparently, it was developed by Bob Greene, who is also Oprah’s personal trainer. I’m not an Oprahphile by any means, but I’ve heard good things about him. The reviews on Amazon all seem pretty positive – one person said, “It is like Gold’s Gym, the Wii Fit, and My Fitness Coach all rolled into one.” I haven’t looked at the others besides WiiFit, but, well…that seems pretty nifty to me. This also has things like resistance bands, and a leg strap where you can put your remote…which I can only imagine comes in handy, my remote gets in the way ALL the time. I didn’t really look at ‘More Exercises’ or EA Sports Active 2, I figure if I do go that route, I’ll see how I like the first one before considering the add-ons and updates.

Just Dance: My sister first told me about this a couple of months ago. Then, when I went to the doctor with Crissy and Josh yesterday, the nurse was talking to us about it too. My sister told me that just playing with her daughters helped her lose weight without even trying, and the nurse said that she dropped 12 lbs in no time flat. I like the idea of doing aerobics without actually feeling like you’re doing aerobics. I’ve looked at the song listings on Amazon, and there’s a good mix of new and classic on the 2 editions, plus the Summer Party, that are out – of course, I doubt I’d get both at once, I’d probably wait until I get burnt out on whichever one I get first. Again, the reviews on Amazon were pretty fantastic – I’m especially intrigued by this part: “The second thing that impressed me was that this game features actual dance moves to the songs. In other words, not only are you playing the game, you’re learning actual dance steps. You’ll learn the ‘Mashed Potato’ that was all the rage in the 1960’s to Dee Dee Sharp’s ‘Mashed Potato Time’. You’ll learn the best disco moves of the 70’s with songs like ‘That’s the Way I Like It’. And my personal dream come true–you can dance like MC Hammer with ‘U Can’t Touch This’.” Apparently, the first edition has ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’, one of my favorite two-step songs…so that might be a possibility.

Zumba Fitness: I went to a Zumba class in February, and it was pretty fun…but, like I said earlier, I’m rather self-conscious. I didn’t have any problems with the moves – honey, please, I’m from San Diego, you’re practically required to know how to move your hips – but I was very aware of the thinner, more attractive females in the room, which made me clam up a little. I know some people who have gotten this game for the Wii, and they love it – and I do know it’ll give you a workout, if the moves are at all the same as the ones we did in class, which I can only imagine they would be. Once again, the Amazon reviews are all good. One snippet that made me blink was this: “Within 30 minutes I had burned nearly 400 calories.” HOLY COW! I didn’t even do that in one hour today on the WiiFit. Definitely up there.

Do you have any fitness ‘assistants’ that you swear by? I’m open to recommendations!


The Initial Goal

I say initial because, you never know, it could change

So I just did my WiiFit workout. A full hour (and two minutes!) of a mix of yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance work. According to my counter, it says I burned 302 calories. I don’t really know if that’s a lot…but it’s a start, right?

Before every WiiFit workout, they have you do a body test. I always do the long ones, that include a couple of balance and memory games at the end. I’m thinking something must be weird with my balance board, because according to it, I gained 5.5 pounds between yesterday and today, and over a full 1% of BMI. I might get a board to put under it, or something, when I use it, because I’ve heard that carpet can make a difference, even with the little extenders on it.

Alright – the stats. According to WiiFit, my BMI today was 37.97, with my weight being 214.3 lbs. I set a new goal on there today to bring my BMI down to 35.98, which would be a loss of about 11 lbs., and I set it for two months. I know these things have to go slow, and that a weight loss of more than 10 pounds in two months just isn’t feasible or healthy (if you do manage it). So, by October 18, I should be down to 204 (which is what I was a month ago -__- if I’d’ve stuck with my plan then, I’d be under 200 by now. But, no use crying over spilled milk, right?).

In plain, visible, non-paragraph terms:

August 18, 2011
Weight: 214.3

Goal: October 18, 2011
Weight: 203
Loss per Week should be about 2.6 lbs.

I’ll do a check-in on here at least every Wednesday. Notable losses or gains will be posted immediately. Corresponding pictures will be posted with the weekly check-ins.

So…does this make it official? Sure!

What are some daily, weekly, monthly goals that you lot have?

A Noted Absence

No, not an absence of mine. But something I noticed that was lacking here.

My first few posts have just been, basically, a journal. I could do that easily enough with a diary, if that was the only thing that mattered. It’s been nice to get comments, but…there’s nothing to really hold any sort of accountability for me.

So what do I need? I need a goal. I need something to count down to. I need incentives. I need motivation, visible, tangible motivation that will help shove me along my way.

Now, here’s my problem. I’ve had motivation and incentives before, but they never seemed to work. I’ve readily acknowledged to myself that I don’t do well by myself. I don’t like thinking too much – not that I don’t like thinking in general, I mean that I tend to -think- too much, overthink things, make myself paranoid and jump to conclusions that wouldn’t have even been possible before. I do this when I’m alone, so…I hate being alone. When I was in the Army – have I mentioned that? I was…I was an intelligence analyst for 6 years, loved my job, hated the people in the Army, and now I can’t use any of my @&#$ skills in the outside world because I don’t have a college degree, but I digress – I had plenty of incentive to exercise more, to lose weight – you can’t get promoted or go to schools without being able to pass your PT test and have the appropriate weight – and yet, I never seemed to be able to push myself to do anything. Half the problem was that I didn’t have anyone to do it with that could do it right. I couldn’t work out with my then-fiance, because he was a freaking PT guru, and couldn’t work himself down at the level that I needed to be at. My sergeants were pains, trying to use trauma and whatnot to push me, when all it did was depress me. I couldn’t really count on any of my friends to help. So…there I was, alone.

I’m not really alone now. I’ve got Crissy here, and she knows what she wants to do, both to lose weight and help her health out. I’ve got Brian who will motivate me the right way, even if he might not actually do my exercise stuff with me…he’ll still support whatever I want to do. I’ve got friends all over battling the same issues, with either similar or different desires for the endgame, who will push me where needed. Lastly, I’ve got this accountability thing. Somewhere that I can see it, all in black and white, and feel good when I’ve worked toward it, and ashamed when I haven’t.

So I think my plan from here on out is to post here at least twice a day – once in the beginning of the day, about hopes and fears and dreams and wants and secrets. Maybe I’ll eventually find something that I can post every day – like some sort of quoting thing, or survey, meme…something, anything. Writer’s block exercises. Stuff that I’ve tried that I like. Stuff I don’t like. Something. Then, the second will come at the end of the day, after I have (as I should) done my workout, and the day is nearing its close. My WiiFit has me do a body test every day…so I may post what comes from that every day. If that gets a little too depressing, I’ll change it to weekly.

So – this post doesn’t have my actual goal…just my recognition of a need for a one. All in good time, my pretties.

Beautiful, beautiful

Eventful day today. Took the kids down for the last day of Wacky Wednesday (they go school next week! I can’t wait!), and since they had a lot of help down there, I figured I’d let them run around without having to worry about me at their shoulder and have fun. So I got Josh bathed, all that jazz…then once I went to pick them up and walk them down to Ron and Erin’s, Crissy, Josh and I were off to the doc’s.

So this was a new doctor – basically sort of a test-run to see if we’d want her to be our family doctor. She was really nice – very attentive, kind, and detailed, which I like to see. Poor Josh, though, is traumatized. We got his shots done last week, and pretty much…now I think he has a fear of people in scrubs. Or something. All I know is he wouldn’t let the poor nurse touch him, screamed the entire time we were getting his height and weight done – and that was all we were doing! – and clung to me like I was his lifeline. My poor little tot.

As far as my checkup – well, I’m overweight, but we knew that already. But my blood pressure was normal (which had been a little worry for me, after being induced for hypertension with Josh). We did, however, talk about my sinus issues. She checked my ears, nose, and throat, acknowledging, like all doctors, how GINORMOUS my tonsils are. She said that my nose was tight and swollen, and that it was obvious that I was stuffed up, by my voice. So she prescribed me this steroid nasal spray which, she says should help me once winter comes along and tries to make me miserable. I have hope!

She also prescribed me prenatals to start taking, and I’m officially getting my IUD out on Monday. She didn’t have the right equipment there today – which is fine, I know she’s setting up a new office and is getting a lot of stuff moved in and done. Crissy’s going in on the same day to have a well-check done, as well as get the doctor set up as her own so that she can get her prescriptions refilled when necessary.

We went grocery shopping after that, picked up some more dietary stuff for us as well as something for dinner. Got my prescriptions filled, headed home, and settled down for a little bit, doing my facebook games, a little talking, all that jazz. Then, I decided – it was time. Got the WiiFit out, had Ian and Caitlyn handle Josh, and decided on the routines I was going to do. The doctor recommended, both for my weight and for baby-prep, I do half an hour a day. The longest pre-set routines that I can put together at any one time are approximately 21 minutes, so I did one of the three-at-a-time, then one, and then I ended with the Warrior pose to stretch out and cool down after. My routines were, first, the Health set, which are titled Tummy, Overindulged, and Leaner You…I think. Then I did the Mind and Body routine out of the Lifestyle section (I think). Total time? 35 minutes. Not bad, eh?

So I actually feel rather good right now. Crissy had dinner ready literally as soon as I finished my Warrior pose, and it was rather nummy – alfredo pasta with chicken, and garlic bread.

The Scio Fall Festival started tonight…I don’t know if we’re going to go down, but I think we might tomorrow. If we do, and we walk…the WiiFit probably won’t happen. Anyone who’s seen our hill will understand why.

Something Random

Okay, so I’ve been working on making my blog pretty…and whatnot…and I know, with the topic and all that, it’s really just for me, but, hey, no one wants to be out in space all on their own, so I’d like to gain more people reading, all that jazz…so here’s my question:

Has anyone else just starting a blog felt REALLY intimidated by all the stuff out there? Promotion and designing and affiliating and sponsoring and following and following back and rss feeds and and and and and and and…I feel like I’m way in over my head.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Ugh, Mornings

It’s the truth! I hate mornings. With a passion. It’s pretty much the reason why, anytime I worked at a bookstore, I was a closer, even though I didn’t like encroaching on my nights much either.

But, I’m up. It’s the last Wacky Wednesday of the summer, so I’m off to take Ian and Caitlyn down and help out where I can. Of course, I really just get put where needed. Heather May, the girl who orchestrated everything, pretty much runs a good, tight ship. My hat’s off to her for everything she accomplished with the kids this summer. Hopefully, some of them started of their path of faith and will continue on down.

My breakfast might not have been the greatest – biscuit sandwiches with egg, sausage, and cheese. On the other hand – I don’t tend to eat much during the rest of the day when I actually eat breakfast, and it is a good source of protein and whatnot. We’ll just have to see. I do already feel a lot better now that I ate.

Alright…time to go do something with this mess of hair and get going. Woo!

Second Verse, Same as the First

Well, not really. But it entered my head, so, I figured…second post, might as well.

Two posts in one day! Does this bode well? It might. Have I mentioned that I’m both a procrastinator and absentminded? I don’t know how many projects like this that I’ve started and abandoned because I just…forget about them. But, I just spent the last several hours making this pretty and getting it to work and adding blogs to my links…eventually, I’ll have to branch out and find new ones, but for now, it’s just the ones that I already knew of.

So Crissy [the roommate] and I were sent to the store earlier with the task of getting dinner, since Brian forgot he was supposed to pick food up on the way home. Of course, sending two girls to the store when they’re hungry is never a good idea, but we didn’t do too bad. We’ve been on the kick all day of trying to get a good diet started, and getting healthy, so instead of stocking up on junk food, we picked up some fiber-rich cereal, no-sugar-added oatmeal, some more smoothie mix, bananas, strawberries, and breakfast drink mix. We like to think that we’re decently on our way. The next plan is to actually get to town (since our local grocery doesn’t have a -great- selection) and get some more daily food items, as well as plan out good, healthy meals. We were spending so much time finding good-for-you stuff that we were brainless when it came to something for dinner. So I settled for a few cans of steak-and-potato soup for Brian and I, she got a sandwich, we got a little chicken dinner for Josh, and the kids had ravioli. Maybe not the best we could have done, but it worked well enough.

Tomorrow: the last day of Wacky Wednesday, my doctor’s appointment, and the first day of the Scio Fall Festival. Should prove interesting.