Day of Rest

This should be a relatively short post, since nothing much happened. Brian had a headache, which kept us from going to church, since he needed to get rid of it before we had to run the kids out to St. Clairsville to meet up with their PA grandparents so they could go there for a couple of days before starting school. We had a nice, quiet morning, and then headed to St. C. Spent a while getting their school supplies, as well as some other stuff we needed.

They had the EA Sports Trainer 2 set at Wal-Mart for $25, which I figured wasn’t a bad price…but we couldn’t really afford it, with all the other stuff we were having to get. Brian was pretty set on getting it for me, but I figured…I’m still working on getting my energy levels up, like my friend Meghan commented a few days ago that the WiiFit is good for. So, I’ll keep working on that, and once I feel ready, we’ll go and get the EA set.

We did a lot of walking around the store, but other than that, I’ve kept it pretty easy. I know you’re supposed to have at least one day of rest in a typical week, so I think Sundays will fit that fine – after all, that’s what they’re supposed to be.

Tomorrow, Crissy and I go back to the doctor, her for an initial check-up, and me to get my IUD removed. So far, the plan is to wait a month or so, see if having the birth control gone helps to remove at least some of the weight, and keep preparing my body for babyness. Tuesday is the back-to-school rally and open house, where I’ll go and meet the kids’ teachers for the year. Then Wednesday…it’s back to school! Yay!