Bad Habits are Hard to Break

I really didn’t think I’d have to be writing this post this soon. I knew it was going to come eventually – I’m a massive procrastinator – but I figured I’d have at least a month or so. Nope.

All I have to lay at the feet of it is that I have really bad habits, that I’ve had for a long, long time. Pushing past them is harder than I thought. I’d figured once I got into the hang of it, it would be easy to keep going…then school started, and people here started getting sick, and…everything else just sort of fell down the cracks.

I will say that I -have- been making a conscious effort to eat better or, at least, not eat as much during meals. Sometimes it’s worked, sometimes it hasn’t. But Crissy and I went grocery shopping the other day, and not only did we make an effort to get good, healthy things – we didn’t break down and buy any junk food, ice cream, or soda. That’s right, my refrigerator is purposely soda free for the first time in…gosh…YEARS. I’ve got a couple of bottles sitting outside the fridge, but they were there before we went shopping, and I’m basically using them as a trick that a friend taught me – have them there, so I know I can have some if I want it, but I know that I don’t HAVE to. It’s not forbidden. It’s not a matter of not having any. It’s just making the conscious choice to have something else instead.

So Brian’s tax refund from his amendment came in finally. We got rent paid with it, put money on a bill or two, bought a new fan for the bathroom, lamp for the living room, and a lamp for Crissy’s room, paid for our marriage retreat in October…and I got Just Dance 2 and EA Sports Active 2. So, as soon as I get my regime started again, those will be added. This is what I think my plan will be:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: WiiFit Body Test and Yoga, EA Sports Active Workout Plan
Tuesday: WiiFit Body Test and Yoga, Just Dance’s Just Sweat
Wednesday: WiiFit Body Test, Yoga, and Balance Games
Thursday: WiiFit Body Test and Yoga, EA Sports Active Workout Plan
Friday: WiiFit Body Test and Yoga, Just Dance’s Just Sweat
Saturday: WiiFit Body Test and Yoga

I think one of my biggest problems is finding the time. I don’t have the discipline to get up early in the morning and do it – I know it would be best if I did, because I’d be invigorated for the day and ready to go. As yet, though, I find it hard to get to bed before 1am, and I enjoy sleep. Once I do get up, the kids are minutes away from going to school, and Josh won’t leave me alone for five minutes, let alone the hour I want to devote to a workout. Once the kids get home from school, they have chores and homework – and they take FOREVER doing these things. Oftentimes, they’re still doing them when Brian gets home, which usually isn’t until 7 or 8 in the evening. He gets home, and I don’t want to bother him to watch Josh so I can do my workout when all he wants to do is sit down and relax and watch some TV. You’re not supposed to workout right before bed, because that can mess up your sleep.

Obviously, the best time for me to do it would be sometime early morning, before Josh wakes up, so I can have ‘me’ time without being bothered by everyone else. But…God, I’m not a morning person. At all.

I suppose, though…doing this -has- to be about self-discipline. So I have to find it somewhere.


Just a Little Something

Alright, so I’ve been a REALLY bad llama. I’ve been telling myself that skipping one day won’t hurt, so long as it doesn’t turn into a habit. And I do have a reason! The last two days have been very busy with getting the kids ready for school, and today was their first day back. On top of that, I have seriously felt like C R A P the last two days.

Structured exercise was pretty much a no-go, but I didn’t not do anything. Like that double negative there? I did. I helped at the back-to-school rally, manning the PTO table, which pretty much involved standing and talking to people for two hours. Anyone that says calories aren’t burned just by standing when you’d rather be sitting can suck it. Really. Today had looked like I wouldn’t get much of anything done – like I said, I felt really bad, and didn’t feel like moving from the floor, let alone exercising. But! The copy of Just Dance 2 that Crissy rented from Blockbuster came in the mail today, so we went to Ron and Erin’s, and Erin and I tried it out. Let me tell you –  we were just on the regular mode, and I was sweating my butt off. There’s a setting on there called ‘Just Sweat’ that’s supposed to be aimed at burning calories, so I might try that tomorrow after doing my body test and some yoga on the WiiFit. My check-in that was supposed to be today will be done tomorrow.


Day of Rest

This should be a relatively short post, since nothing much happened. Brian had a headache, which kept us from going to church, since he needed to get rid of it before we had to run the kids out to St. Clairsville to meet up with their PA grandparents so they could go there for a couple of days before starting school. We had a nice, quiet morning, and then headed to St. C. Spent a while getting their school supplies, as well as some other stuff we needed.

They had the EA Sports Trainer 2 set at Wal-Mart for $25, which I figured wasn’t a bad price…but we couldn’t really afford it, with all the other stuff we were having to get. Brian was pretty set on getting it for me, but I figured…I’m still working on getting my energy levels up, like my friend Meghan commented a few days ago that the WiiFit is good for. So, I’ll keep working on that, and once I feel ready, we’ll go and get the EA set.

We did a lot of walking around the store, but other than that, I’ve kept it pretty easy. I know you’re supposed to have at least one day of rest in a typical week, so I think Sundays will fit that fine – after all, that’s what they’re supposed to be.

Tomorrow, Crissy and I go back to the doctor, her for an initial check-up, and me to get my IUD removed. So far, the plan is to wait a month or so, see if having the birth control gone helps to remove at least some of the weight, and keep preparing my body for babyness. Tuesday is the back-to-school rally and open house, where I’ll go and meet the kids’ teachers for the year. Then Wednesday…it’s back to school! Yay!

Adding to the Repertoire

After some recommendations by others, I’ve been looking at some more stuff to add – exercise-wise – to what I’m already doing with the WiiFit. Pretty much everything I’m looking at is meant to go with the Wii.

Some might ask – why are you looking to video games to lose weight? Why not go out and run, or go to a gym, or just do exercises on your own? Well…those are all legitimate questions. The first two options pretty much have the same answer: I’m self-conscious. I’m well aware of every-single-bit-of-my-body that wiggles and jiggles with every move I make, and I’d just as soon not go out in front of all the midriff-baring, perky-ponytail-bouncing, thin-as-rails girls and shirtless, six-pack-wearing, muscle-bound boys and show off my jello self. No, I do not think that it should serve as a punishment for letting myself get this way. All it’s going to do is depress me and make me lose hope. The second has another answer: I can’t afford it. I was not aware of the fact the gyms operate with freaking contracts that you can’t get out of – I could have swore that you could just cancel your membership. Well, not the gym I signed up with. When it came to realizing that we just couldn’t afford the membership, I tried canceling it, and then got told that we couldn’t. Great. Another hit on my already lousy credit. So that’s not an option. The last? I won’t. That’s the long and short of it. I’ll forget, I’ll be too convinced that I look silly, I’ll figure out better things to do. It just won’t happen.

So – I like playing video games. Why not combine that with something that can actually help me?

So…now that I’ve gotten long-winded with a post that really shouldn’t have been…here are the things I’ve been looking at:

EA Sports Active: My friend Meghan commented earlier that she’d gotten this after getting used to the WiiFit and that it’s been working wonders for her husband. I looked it up on Amazon – apparently, it was developed by Bob Greene, who is also Oprah’s personal trainer. I’m not an Oprahphile by any means, but I’ve heard good things about him. The reviews on Amazon all seem pretty positive – one person said, “It is like Gold’s Gym, the Wii Fit, and My Fitness Coach all rolled into one.” I haven’t looked at the others besides WiiFit, but, well…that seems pretty nifty to me. This also has things like resistance bands, and a leg strap where you can put your remote…which I can only imagine comes in handy, my remote gets in the way ALL the time. I didn’t really look at ‘More Exercises’ or EA Sports Active 2, I figure if I do go that route, I’ll see how I like the first one before considering the add-ons and updates.

Just Dance: My sister first told me about this a couple of months ago. Then, when I went to the doctor with Crissy and Josh yesterday, the nurse was talking to us about it too. My sister told me that just playing with her daughters helped her lose weight without even trying, and the nurse said that she dropped 12 lbs in no time flat. I like the idea of doing aerobics without actually feeling like you’re doing aerobics. I’ve looked at the song listings on Amazon, and there’s a good mix of new and classic on the 2 editions, plus the Summer Party, that are out – of course, I doubt I’d get both at once, I’d probably wait until I get burnt out on whichever one I get first. Again, the reviews on Amazon were pretty fantastic – I’m especially intrigued by this part: “The second thing that impressed me was that this game features actual dance moves to the songs. In other words, not only are you playing the game, you’re learning actual dance steps. You’ll learn the ‘Mashed Potato’ that was all the rage in the 1960’s to Dee Dee Sharp’s ‘Mashed Potato Time’. You’ll learn the best disco moves of the 70’s with songs like ‘That’s the Way I Like It’. And my personal dream come true–you can dance like MC Hammer with ‘U Can’t Touch This’.” Apparently, the first edition has ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’, one of my favorite two-step songs…so that might be a possibility.

Zumba Fitness: I went to a Zumba class in February, and it was pretty fun…but, like I said earlier, I’m rather self-conscious. I didn’t have any problems with the moves – honey, please, I’m from San Diego, you’re practically required to know how to move your hips – but I was very aware of the thinner, more attractive females in the room, which made me clam up a little. I know some people who have gotten this game for the Wii, and they love it – and I do know it’ll give you a workout, if the moves are at all the same as the ones we did in class, which I can only imagine they would be. Once again, the Amazon reviews are all good. One snippet that made me blink was this: “Within 30 minutes I had burned nearly 400 calories.” HOLY COW! I didn’t even do that in one hour today on the WiiFit. Definitely up there.

Do you have any fitness ‘assistants’ that you swear by? I’m open to recommendations!